10 "R" Rights of Medication Administration

• Right Medication
- The medication given was the medication ordered.

• Right Dose
- The dose ordered is appropriate for the client.
- Give special attention if the calculation indicates multiple pills/ tablets or a large quantity of a liquid medication.
- Double check calculations that appear questionable.
- Know the usual dosage range of the usual dosage range.

• Right Time
- Give the medication at the right frequency and at the time ordered according to agency policy.
- Medications given within 30 minutes before or after the scheduled time are considered to meet the right time standard.

• Right Route
- Give the medication by the ordered route.
- Mark certain that the route is safe and appropriate for the client

• Right Client
- Medication is given to the intended client
- Check the client’s identification band with each administration of a medication.
- Know the agency’s name alert procedure when clients with the same or similar last names are on the nursing unit.

• Right Documentation
- Document medication administration after giving it, before.
- If time of administration differs from prescribed time, note the time on the MAR and explain reason and follow-through activities (e.g.’ pharmacy states medication will be available in 2 hours) in nursing notes.
- If a medication is not given, follow the agency’s policy for documenting the reason why.

• Right to refuse
• Right to assessment
• Right evaluation
• Right client education


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