PNA Convention 2011 goes to CEBU

PNA 2011 Convention in CEBU!!!

The PNA 2011 National Convention will be held in CEBU CITY on October 25-28, 2011 at Water Front hotel and casino, Lahug Cebu City!

Book your tickets early!

Registration Fee:
P2,800.00 paid before November 30, 2010
P3,300.00 paid before December 31, 2010
P3,800.00 paid before January 31, 2011

Payments can be made thru bank account (BDO Fuente Branch SA:2310220937) and immediately fax the deposit slip to (032) 254-7454 before the specified deadline.

There is a reservation fee of P200.00 (non-refundable and non-deductible), you will have the chance to win Major! Major! Prizes!!

One Grand Prize Winner
Totally FREE with a side trip to Bohol (Including 3-day accommodation, round-trip tickets, and 100% reimbursement of Registration Fee)

4 Major Prizes
1. Free 1 day tour to Bohol Island Tourist Spots
2. Free Round Trip Airfare courtesy of Cebu pacific (Direct Flights only)
3. Free-3 day Hotel Room Accommodations
4. 100% Registration Fee Reimbursement

3 Minor prizes of 50% Registration Reimbursement

The raffle draw will be on the Valentine’s day (Feb. 14, 2011)

For more info please call the:

PNA-cebu chapter, Inc.
Telefax no. (032) 254-7454
Cell No. 09328479479

2011 PNA Regular Membership Renewal, Life Members and Other Services. [Zamboang City Chapter]

The Philippine Nurses Association Zamboanga City Chapter is now accepting payments for 2011 PNA Regular Membership Renewal. The regular membership costs PhP 400.00. The breakdowns are as follows:

Chapter Share P 103.50
National Share P 103.50
Regional Share P 23.00
Mutual Fund P 10.00
ICN Annual Dues P 70.00
PJN Magazine P 70.00
Building Fund P 10.00
TOTAL P 400.00

Benefits of being an Active PNA- Zamboanga City Chapter Member:
1. Access to organizational meetings, continuing professional education (CPE) and other PNA-sponsored activities and enjoy great discounts ;
2. Professional advice or assistance on matters related to practice of the nursing profession;
3. Subscription to Philippine Journal of Nursing and the Official Regional Publication- the Innervations!
4. Mutual Aid in case of member’s death and financial assistance in case when members are seriously ill;
5. Legal advice on ethico-moral concerns related to nursing practice
6. Opportunity (If qualified) for local and international scholarship, nursing award or travel grants;
7. Access to PNA auditorium, library and dormitory facilities (if you are in manila)
8. Professional guidance on matters related to overseas work.

Payment starts on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 on the following Payment Centers and Officers.

Ateneo de Zamboanga University, just look for Ms. Grace Ann Lagura and Lucibelle Enriquez from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Mon to Sat)

Zamboanga City Medical Center, Just look for Angelo C. Cawasa, Operating Room Theatres.

Western Mindanao State University, and Look for Gov. Florence Alcazar, 3/F Research building, Side of College of Law.

RN International Review Center, Blanco Building, In front City Hall.

For Life membership:

You need to be a Regular member for three (3) consecutive years and payment is based on the following age schemes.

70 = 5,600
69 = 5,800
68 = 6,000
67 = 6,200
66 = 6,400
65 = 6,600
64 = 6,800
63 = 7,000
62 = 7,200
61 = 7,400
60 = 7,600
59 = 7,800
58 = 8,000
57 = 8,200
56 = 8,400
55 = 8,600
54 = 8,800
53 = 9,000
52 = 9,200
51 = 9,400
50 = 9,600
49 = 9,800
48 = 10,000
47 = 10,200
46 = 10,400
45 = 10,600
44 = 10,800
43 = 11,000
42 = 11,200
41 = 11,400
40 = 11,600
39 = 11,800
38 = 12,000
37 = 12,200
36 = 12,400
35 = 12,600
34 = 12,800
33 = 13,000
32 = 13,200
31 = 13,400
30 = 13,600
29 = 13,800
28 = 14,000
27 = 14,200
26 = 14,400
25 = 14,600
24 = 14,800
23 = 15,000

For those interested to become a life member of the PNA, you may contact the PNA-ZC President, Mr. Angelo C. Cawasa for the life membership forms.

OTHER SERVICES: PNA Membership Certification

This certificate serves as an important requirement for international opportunities like SRO, immigration and other legal purposes. In order to secure this document, a member should request it thru the PNA-Secretary and pay PhP100.00. An official receipt will be given and should be presented by the member in order to claim the certificate after 3 working days.

NLEX December 2010 Tragedy

I was affected emotionally by what was happened especially i'm also a nursing graduate who took the board exam... it was very tragic, especially on their families. Right now, the best that i can do that i will know will help is to pray for their souls and for the good of their families. Rest in Peace.

SOURCE: http://

AIDS Is A Chronic, Life-Threatening Condition Caused By The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). By Damaging Your Immune System, HIV Interferes With Your Body's Ability To Fight Off Viruses, Bacteria And Fungi That Cause Disease. HIV Makes You More Susceptible To Certain Types Of Cancers And To Infections Your Body Would Normally Resist, Such As Pneumonia And Meningitis. The Virus And The Infection Itself Are Known As HIV. "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)" Is The Name Given To The Later Stages Of An HIV Infection.

An Estimated 39.5 Million People Have HIV Worldwide. And Though The Spread Of The Virus Has Slowed In Some Countries, It Has Escalated Or Remained Unchanged In Others. The Best Hope For Stemming The Spread Of HIV Lies In Prevention, Treatment And Education.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) For Health Care Providers


Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) For Health Care Providers
* Emergency Global Trends in Forensics
...* The Forensic Nurses Obligation to Society:
* Ethical, Legal and Sociocultural Concepts.

*PRC Accredited CPE provider with no. 2009-023‌

Time and Location:
Saturday, January 15, 2011 · 1:00pm - 5:00pm @ GSN ISEEC Office: West Avenue, QC


>Forensic nursing is a relatively new medical practice that combines elements of law enforcement with health care.

>Forensic nurse examiners are gaining recognition in the court system as reliable sources of evidence, which in-turn leads to higher conviction rates and fewer crime scene errors.

Inclusive of handouts, snacks and 2 certificates with cpe units.


Note: If you can invite 15 persons (Nurse, BSN Graduates or Students), you are FREE on the Seminar Please refer them to me accordingly so i could note that they are your friends or classmates.

* You need to text me if you want reservations to include you on our headcount for seats, food and certificates (Limited Slots only).

*We also offer Basic Life Support with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training, Standard First Aid, Comprehensive ECG Training, Comprehensive Wound Management and Advanced Cardiac life Support Training

For more details/reservation contact: 09994386376/09335218158/09158382870 look for Ms. Lethz

1st NURSE FUN RUN Para sa Kinabukasan


Join the FIRST and BIGGESTNURSE FUN RUN Para sa Kinabukasan ng mga NARS! December 5, 2010, CCP Complex, Manila

The event aims to:

1. Promote good health and wellness through a fun activity among nurses (students, graduates, licensed nurses)

2. Foster camaraderie and the spirit of helping each other in the quest for good opportunities in the nursing career

3. Raise awareness on the “challenges” facing nurses in the country:

- Not enough jobs for thousands of registered nurses (approximately 300,000 unemployed licensed nurses)

- The volunteering and unpaid on-the-job training for nurses where instead of being paid for work, they instead pay hospitals to gain experience

- Low salaries of nurses.

Created By
Rachell Allen Reviewers USA, Ez Ielts, Nursefun Run




*PRC Accredited CPE provider with no. 2009-023‌
When: December 5, 2010 (1pm-5pm)


*Psychiatric nursing or mental health nursing is the specialty of nursing that cares for people of all ages with mental illness or mental distress, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression or dementia.

*A personality disorder is basically a set of traits that combine to negatively affect your life. They have a wide range of causes and some are easier to treat than others.

Fee: inclusive of handouts, snacks and certificate with cpe units.


Note: If you can invite 15 persons (Nurse, BSN Graduates or Students), you are FREE on the Seminar Please refer them to me accordingly so i could note that they are your friends or classmates.

* You need to text me if you want reservations to include you on our headcount for seats, handouts, snacks and certificate
(Limited Slots only).

For reservations/registrations and inquiries: 09994386376/09335218158/09158382870 look for MS. Lethz

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