(PRC CPE Provider : Council of Nursing Accreditation #2009-026)

When: NOVEMBER 28, 2010
Where: SM Cinema, MEGAMALL , Ortigas, Pasig City
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Resource Speaker: Mr. Melvin D. Miranda, RN
- Reviewer and Lecturer - Local Board Exam (SRG)
- Taking up Masters Degree in Nursing (MAN)
- Clinical Coordinator
- Have Mastery in Critical Care and Emergency and Medical Surgical Nursing

Reg Fee: 600php only
Inclusive of 3 Certificates , CD ROM hand out, breaktime refreshment


Note: If you can invite 15 persons (Nurses, BSN Graduates or Students), you are FREE on the Seminar Please refer them to me accordingly so i could note that they are your friends or classmates.

* You need to text me if you want reservations to include you on our headcount for seats, food and certificates. This is on site payment just look for me on the seminar day (Xomai)

For reservations/registrations and inquiries:
Globe - 09051657926/ 09278490507
Smart - 09301832876
Sun - 09334622474

7 Worst food declared by the "World Health Organization" are in Philippines

To all Filipinos you should be aware of this food which contributes to a high dose of calories!

1. French Fries - Yeah like fries? Guess what this is the number one cause of heart diseases.

2. Ice Cream - Its hot I like to eat lots of ice cream, Oh my I got fat.

3. Doughnuts! - I love those sugar filled, cream bursting, mouth watering doughnuts + with a hot choco. Sweet!

4. Burgers - I'm on a diet I think I'll just eat burger in every meal time. (This is so wrong)

5. Iced Tea - I will pair my food with ice tea. I don't believe it can harm my kidney? could it?

6. Instant Noodles/Canton - Oh I really like eating every morning, snack, afternoon and dinner.

7. Sweetened Pork - I so like sweets why not get the pork sweeten.

Now you know. Try to limit consumption!

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