14 Principle of Sterility

1. Only sterile items are used within the sterile field.

2. Gowns are considered sterile only from the waist to shoulder level in front and the sleeves.

3. Tables are sterile only at table level.

4. Persons who are sterile touches only sterile items or areas.

5. Unsterile person avoid reaching over a sterile field; persons avoid leaning over an unsterile area.

6. Edges at anything that encloses sterile contents are considered unsterile.

7. Sterile field created close a possible at time at use.

8. Sterile areas are continuously kept in view.

9. Sterile persons keep well within the sterile area.

10. Sterile persons keep contact with sterile area to minimum.

11. Unsterile persons avoid sterile areas.

12. Destruction at integrity at microbial barrier result in contamination.

13. Microorganism must be kept to an irreducible minimum.

14. There should be no compromises with sterility.


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