Demo in mixed emotions during my 2nd yr life :)

Hello guys",) i want to share another erudition and some experience of mine, this one is about our return demonstration in Intradermal (ID), Intramuscular (IM) and Subcutaneous (SQ) injection, this was happened on November 17-19, 2008.My feeling was quite indescribable it's like i am exicited but quite anyway here are some pictures on what we have done...

......the preparations

reactions of each faces of my group",)


INTRADERMAL INJECTION (ID) - Administration of drug into the dermal layer of the skin just beneath the epidermis...

Right - Other test
Left - Commonly TB Screening

Assess: the appearance of injection site, Specific drug action/ expected response and client knowledge of drug action and respose....

Check: the Label, if it is taken from the medication cart, after and before withdrawing the medication against Medication Administration Record (MAR)....

Common Site's are:
Inner lower arm
Upper chest
Back beneath the scapulae...

5 - 15 degree angle

1st - Proper hand washing/Appropriate infection control

2nd - Prepare the Medication

3rd - Prepare the Client

4th - Explain to the Client the procedure (Medication will produce small wheal sometimes called "bleb".).....

Do not massage the area because it can disperse the medication into the tissue...


INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION - are absorbed more quickly than SQ injections because of the greater blood supply to the body muscles...

well - developed muscles - 4ml medication (gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles.)
less developed muscles - 1-2ml
deltoid muscle - 0.5 - 1ml

....the size of the syringe used depends on the amount of medication being administered but usually 2-5ml syringe needed and needle are 1 1/2 inches, #21 or #22 gauze.

5cm/ 4 fingers from acromion process..

These one of my favorite captured pic. during our return demonstration,
....the eyes that give more emotions act upon the demonstration.

Factors indicate the size and length of the NEEDLE to be used are the muscle, type of solution, amount of adipose tissue covering muscle and the age of the client...


Ventrogluteal Site
Vastus Lateralis Site
Dorsogluteal Site
Deltoid Site - commonly used for IM because it is a relatively small muscle and very close to the radial nerve and radial artery...
Rectus Femoris Site



- Vaccines

- Preoperative medication

- Narcotics

- Insulin

- Heparin...

Commonly Sites:
Outer aspect of the upper arms and the anterior aspect of the thighs...
-these areas are convenient and normally
have a good blood circulation...

scapular area of the upper back,
and the upper ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal areas.

type's of syringe:

generally 2ml syringe..however,

Insulin is for insulin syringe

Heparin are for tuberculin syringe and prefilled cartidge...

...0.5 - 1ml of medication.


just to add information:
para po dun sa giving of medication
may specific parts po ng body kung saan iinject ang insulin through subcu.. may area 1,2,3 and 4
area 1: abdomen (8 shots)
area 2: posterior part of the arm
area 3: anterior part of the thigh
area 4: hips or buttocks
note: dont use only one site. make sure you use all the sites..

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@gege- cge nga, whats the rationale behind kung bakit hindi pwede sa isang site lang :) every statement dba dapat may rationale:D thats what nursing student should have in mind:)

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