Holistic Care

"Hominem Non Morbum Cura" a latin phrase said by our former dean...which means "Cure the Man Not the Disease".

Elaborating from theories and principles as a nurse we do Holistic care to our client. When we say Holistic there are variables that we should observe, we would observe not only the physical condition, but also the psychologic condition of the client. Basically these are simple variations of patient care but still these are only few and little help in making a good or better Nursing Care plan to patient. As Nurses we have to look in the patient's environment, lifestyle, food intake, normal laboratory values and other aspects for gathering data. With all these data we do not only help ourselves but the patient. Always remember that the focus of care is for the patient and not the nurse. And the Goal is focused on the cure or rehabilitation of client. That is why we gather so much data from the client or the significant others so that we can assess the relationship of the variables to the Physical condition of the client. We can have a prioritized Diagnosis, Proper set of Plans, Implement it and to evaluate with care.

In providing a Holistic Care you have to remember that you have to know what affects the clients condition.


A client is having hypertension and was admitted in a Hospital. The nurse observed that the BP of the client still remains high even given the independent nursing care to lowering it down. The nurse assess again and would provide an intervention if she notices the following?

A. The room is well lighted and is well ventilated.
B. The room was newly renovated and painted.
C. The room has a Television installed
D. The room is posotioned where the sun rises.

A. The room is good for admission of patient
B. correct - room is newly renovated and painted - paint and other substance used for renovation can affect the condition of client due to sensory irritation from smelling paint and other materials. It would be best to transfer the patient to a new room which is ready for use.
C. Television can offer diversion and relaxation
D. Sun rays is therapeutic to the client. remember that sebum from sweat converts vitamin D to enzymes that transfers calcium to the bones.

Remember that Nursing Care Plans vary according to Institutions!

Students reaction:
1. Ang dami naman di naman ginagawa lahat yan! at di naman tinitingnan ng C.I.!
Patient would suffer more, with improper care and deliberation of prioritizing patient's needs. Remember that it is not what you give to the patient but what you do.
Ethical Perspective:
Remember the Golden Rule?
"Whatever you have done to the Least of My Breatheren you do unto Me."

2. Non Cooperative yung patient eh pasensya na lang sila.
same as above. These measures the competence of a nurse to gain trust and to give proper care to patients.
Ethical Perspective:
Always use Empathy (putting yourself on the shoes of others) and not Sympathy (mercy)

3. Long term yung Goal kaya di na namin namonitor
Goal is not met, assessment and other steps of the nursing process is useless. time and effort from the students are wasted
Ethical Perspective:
do Beneficence - means to do good and not to inflict harm
Resolve by setting plans with the family or relatives for continuity of care and goals to meet goals

Want to share your Thoughts?
Comment then we will try to suggest on how to improve care for clients


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