Preoperative phase- begins when the decision to have surgery is made and ends when the client is transferred to the operating table.

Nursing Activities:
- Assesing the client.
- Identifying potential or actual health problems.
- Planning specific care based on the individual’s needs
- Providing preoperative teachings for the client and SO

Intraoperative phase- begins when the client is transffered to the operating table and ends when the client is admitted to the postanesthesia care unit (PACU) or Postanesthetic Room/Recovery Room.

Nursing Activities:
- Include a variety of specialized procedures designed to create and maintain a safe therapeutic environment for the client and the health care personnel.

Postoperative phase- begins with the admission of the client to the postanesthesia area and ends when healing is complete.

Nursing Activities:
- Assessing the client’s response(physiologic and phycologic) to surgery.
- Performing interventions to facilitate healing and prevent complications.
- Teaching and providing support to the client and SO.
- Planning for home care.

GOAL: to achieve the client to his/her optimal health status possible.


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