Australia...Another Avenue to Practice Nursing

Mga fellow nurses, gusto kong ishare ang magandang oportunidad na ito!

Filipino nurses are stock-up in the US immigration line waiting for the processing of our priority dates, tama ba?. And it has been a grueling line that does not give assurance when our turn will be. Maraming nagsasabing next month malift na retro, then next year...five years nang ganyan a!!!

So what are we doing about it? Are you going to wait forever? Kaya ako, naghanap ako ng pwede kong mapuntahan...Anyways, not only US need nurses. Another progressive country needing nurses is Australia.
Most of you have heard about the “GAP” program which refers to the IRON program (Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses). It’s a twelve weeks course program required by the Australian Board of Nursing. This course is to be taken in Australia to be registered and qualify in their nursing practice. Para ding pag-aaply na US, kailangan mamuhunan. Marami na kong kakilalangang kumuha ng ganitong course at nandun na sila at nagwowork.

I am very interested with this, and as I search I found a GOOD NEWS. ACFE which is an Accredited Australian Agency that offers IRON program has opened a satellite office here in Manila. The office will process enrollment for the said program. Another GOOD news for those that had been approved by the nursing board to take the IRON course...they offer a 50% scholarship if you plan to take the course this, that's Php200,000 worth of scholarship, isn't it? Check nyo site nila sa para mabasa nyo ang sinasabi ko.

To my fellow nurses who had been loosing hope waiting for US opportunities...look around you. There are still so many doors for opportunities. Kailangan lang hanapin natin at simulang pagsikapan.


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