☼☼To all ka.PNG who wants to purchase and for more details just contact rain jimz [AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN TACLOBAN AND NEARBY AREAS ONLY]


kindly comment here nalang if my suggestion pa kau..anyway pag wala kayong account..kindly use "Anonymous" or Name/URL nalang..gamitin nyung URL yung fB account nyu.. :)

Like d black! so cool!! nasiring hi moot2x ha front nala an drawing hehhe! an white anu an drawing ha likod?

IMBA shirt...gin damay pa ako!..:D
COol Drawing
COol Text
ok tanan! ikad2 ha likod daw! try daw! "mot'

@anonymous- yeah! same here i like black too..hmm..kaya nga front nalang sana yung drawing pero sabi ng iba back nalang about the white t-shirt naman front lang nagawa ko, wala pa ako naisip about the design sa me nga..hehe

hi i like the black shirt, it's nice... but how about if you turn it the other way 'round. turn the front into back, then back design to front. just my opinion.:)

nice rain! ito nah! pag isip pa han white kaya mo yan! hehehe ma support kami ha m! ^_^

@moth- haha..imba pa! uu kasali ka syempre..ok post ko yung isa na nauna kung ginawa..

@Jan Marie- thanks sa comment..hmm..

@rasha-haha..isip isip pa tlga..try ko lang :) hmm.thanks sa support.

ok man pero an pic dapat ha luyo...

@nigel- ano yung dapat nasa likod?? hmm..??

i don't think n drawing pwd ung words dre ada...since an tshirt is an back la n design it gn aaro..dre kc pwd n pti an front meada ky bu2tangan hn name hn hospital nga eu gn han eu nki2ta nga mga tshirts nga tpos n nag psychia...xD

i like the white one..
pero better kun may print ha likod.
i wish to have that t-shirt.heheh

@Anonymous- nice to see that you like it..hmm..i will just try also to make a design sa likod :)..

Very nice t-shirt... I love it... Both black and white are eye catching designs...

@noskcire- thanks po sa comment, hoping na ito nalang mapili na design for our psychiatric exposure in cebu.. :)

To all hic 4th year student- guys nakapag submit na daw ng logo si melchy about sa psychiatric t-shirt naten pero kahit ganun tuloy parin printing namin sa t-shirt to those interested please PM me to my fB account or txt me nalang ;) release of t-shirts will be on or before the last week of august.

@Rain: you got nice designs...i like the black one...but having the front design at the back and the back design in front might also work better..what do ya think??...

it's really nice to have that shirt with the print on it...^^

Postscript: i just have some more queries about that shirt thing...i'll just PM you on facebook..

@anonymous- thanks po sa pag appreacite ng mga design ko.hmm..anyway sa ibang transaction with regards to the t-shirts kindly PM me on facebook nalang po.
Thanks again and good day!:)

wow cool design! astig! haha thats d only filipino word that i know :P

I love the designs, unique ung theme

@cris and semidoppel- thanks for visiting to my blog nuffnager :) thanks also for a good comment and liking my designs..

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

@JLean- thanks bro for visiting XD

pwd ask if ok lng i'll use the design "Warning! disturbed energy field..."

para sa tshirt namin for psychia this second semester..

i just rea;;y find it sooo cooolll...please!!!!

_im blue from bohol_

@Anonymous- ok lang po basta wag nyu na po ibahin yung design what i mean sana still nasa t-shirt yung website just for promotion and acknowledgment nalang din, then if ok lang din sa inyo pa pic po kayo using the t-shirt and send it to us para malagay din po kayo sa galery ng PNG.. :)salamat!

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