NCLEX a requirement for most BON in the US

A year ago I planned to take the NCLEX and of course everybody knows what it is. The application is very crucial and costly, a single mistake could cost you thousands. so I decided to take my chances from an agency in Manila to process my application since I am working as an instructor, and i cant have the time to process it on line nor thru snail mail so even though it will cost me a little more I did what is convenient for me.

During the NCLEX application process you dont have to do anything just sit back and take time on reviewing which I wasn't able to do. But since I was an instructor I have no time to catch up. Not to mention all those requirements you need to submit during exam periods and the grades that you need to submit before the semester fully closes. well, Going back to the NCLEX Application, you need to submit some of the following requirements but I cannot fully recall haow many times and how can you send this on your own (I have to take the assistance of an Agency in Manila), so i cannot answer the way I submitted my TOR which was authenticated or processed by my school, PRC IDs authenticated in Manila area, PRC certificates or board rating which will be sent thru a courier mail (DHL, Fedex, etc.). and your payments also photo copy of your passport and everything should be valid. they will send you a NBI card or should I say FBI card to be processed thru an NBI personnel. Then everything will be sent to you respective BON.

Well i cant say if you will still take the CGFNS, it depends on your state. well the NCLEX application could take a year but it still depend on the approving state where you apply. By the way there are new ruling posted on your state BON websites which may require you to take the IELTS, Nursing Jurisprudence(i think this is in Texas), and other examinations which may be required before taking the NCLEX, in my case I was required to take the IELTS, so it would be better to check your BON before proceeding to the next step!

Remember that IELTS score should be 7 in speaking and an Over all/ total band score of 6.5.

Recently I decided to take a review for my NCLEX but unexpectedly I wasnt able to apply for my ATT since my NCLEX was not of passing so I decided to take the IELTS and at the same time to process my ATT so that it will not expire last June! - this was a very frustrating time for me! I thought I was ready to take the exam but I am until I pass my IELTS and thank God I did.

I got my ATT and my Schedule of exam on July 20, 2010...9 am!

Hope that i can pass the NCLEX and to all of you too who will be reading this, never stop Praying and for those who took the local Boards this July I congratulate you for facing your fear, the battle is not yet over, the more days pass the more anxiety builds up! So, future colleagues step up and face NCLEX as your next step! As i have said it will eat up your time so apply after passing the locals. Apply for NCLEX, apply for IELTS, apply to a hospital! Then Fly to your destination!


good luck to you kuya and to all takers for that exams :)

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