7 Worst food declared by the "World Health Organization" are in Philippines

To all Filipinos you should be aware of this food which contributes to a high dose of calories!

1. French Fries - Yeah like fries? Guess what this is the number one cause of heart diseases.

2. Ice Cream - Its hot I like to eat lots of ice cream, Oh my I got fat.

3. Doughnuts! - I love those sugar filled, cream bursting, mouth watering doughnuts + with a hot choco. Sweet!

4. Burgers - I'm on a diet I think I'll just eat burger in every meal time. (This is so wrong)

5. Iced Tea - I will pair my food with ice tea. I don't believe it can harm my kidney? could it?

6. Instant Noodles/Canton - Oh I really like eating every morning, snack, afternoon and dinner.

7. Sweetened Pork - I so like sweets why not get the pork sweeten.

Now you know. Try to limit consumption!


those are yummy foods! :P

@ken- yeah your right :) love all of those :P

love all those foods.huhu.i think i need to limit my consumption.

sana hindi ko na lang nabasa to
nakaka disappoint

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