Examples of Foods for Clear Liquid, Full Liquid, and Soft Diets

•Clear Liquid

Coffee, regular and decaffeinated


Carbonated beverages

Bouillon, fat-free broth

Clear fruit juices (apple, cranberry, grape)

Other fruit juices, strained



Sugar, honey

Hard candy

•Full Liquid


All foods on clear liquid diet plus:

Milk and milk drinks

Puddings, custards

Ice cream, sherbert

Vegetables juices

Refined or strained cereals (e.g., cream of rice)

Cream, butter, margarine

Eggs ( in custard and pudding)

Smooth peanut butter




All foods on full and clear liquid diets, plus:

Meat: All lean, tender meat, fish, or poultry (chopped, shredded);
Spaghetti sauce with ground meat over pasta

Meat alternatives: Scrambled eggs, omelet, poached eggs; cottage cheese and other mild cheese

Vegetables: Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or squash; vegetables in cream or cheese sauce; other cooked vegetables as tolerated (e.g.’ spinach, cauliflower, asparagus tips), chopped and mashed as needed; avocado

Fruits: Cooked or canned fruits; bananas, grapefruit and orange secretions without membranes, applesauce

Breads and cereals: Enriched rice, barley, pasta; all breads; cooked cereals (e.g.; oatmeal)

Desserts: Soft cake, bread pudding


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