Must for O.R. Nurse

1. You must work rapidly, often under tension, under close super vision of doctors and experienced O.R. nurses.

2. You must have a quick reaction time and make changes for unexpected situations without notice.

3. You must anticipate surgeon’s needs and keep one step ahead of him.

4. You must fit in and work smoothly as a closely functioning team.

5. You must be able to organize your work effectively so that not a single minute is lost.

6. You must follow the rules rigidly nothing is taken for granted in the O.R. ; you must knew and know what you know.

7. You must be patient of those who sometimes become impatient for a tense situation.

8. You must gain the confidence and trust of the patient and constructively reassure him.

9. You must have a quite yet, responsible and pleasing personality.

10. You must be willing to take your turn on call.


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